process for running the Tech D.I.Y. workshop

Tech D. I. Y. was started as a master’s project at NYU ITP in 2007 and was introduced through Maker Faire in 2007 and 2008. It started as a cooperation of mother and children, in purpose of making an electronic craft. Currently, it has developed into support creativity through education of a physical computing includes electronic electricity in the fun process of craft work. 

The goal of Tech D.I.Y. project is to change people’s way of thinking about technology and creativity education. From the Tech D.I.Y. workshop experience since 2007, two to three hours of workshop’s process procedure for making one is just like this.
1. Learn: Explanation of a fundamentals of Electronic electricity
2. Ideate : Create a new idea and sketch including interactions using templates
3. Design: Design circuits from learned knowledge and check if there is any problem
4. Make : Make the craft using a kit and tutorial book
5. Share : Present one’s own outcome to other participant and record some pictures

About this process, please read this paper.
Design Ideation Method Adaptation For Creative Concept In Technology Industry

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