Super IPod : About Project

We know everyone likes Apple IPod. One day, I imagined if I have a big IPod Pillow and listen to music and fall into a sweet dream it would be fantastic! Why don’t we make it?
“Super IPod” pillowcase that plays music and looks like an Apple IPod but is 50 times bigger than Apple IPod. With your completed “Super IPod” you’ll be able to change songs and adjust the volume because the “Super IPod” uses an already hacked mp3 player.

My project, the Interactive Birthday Cake, was invited for the Maker Faire San Mateo 2007. When a kid assembles a piece of cake in right place, it lights up and when the kids put a candle on the top, the birthday song is played. When kids blow out lights and listen applause sound and special messages from mom and daddy. At that time I hacked a cheap mp3 player to play the music and sound. That’s the very simple and cheapest way to add music to your project.

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