About TechDIY Project

How TechDIY project start
As a mother who has a daughter, Ji Sun Lee is interested in how she can share her enjoyment of making interesting technology projects, that she has worked on the graduate program of Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University, with others. The reason is that she, like many other women, also was not initially interested in learning about electronics. However, She knew the enjoyment of making something by herself and felt joy through these achievements. She was able to create projects that were unique. Using technology for her projects increased confidence in learning. As a result, she has developed the Tech DIY idea as a part of her thesis project to encourage women to learn about technology just as she has been.

The D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) technologies project for women, Tech DIY, involves a holistic process of mothers and daughters learning electronics together and sharing this with others. With the Tech DIY kit, mothers will have a good time with their children. It will offer alternative views of how mothers and their children relate to technology. Children will see that women can understand and be creative with technology.

Who's making TechDIY
Ji Sun Lee
Geeky computer mom travels from Korea to New York City to pursue her passion in new media artwork and unique interactive experiences for diverse users. Before coming to New York City, she worked for Samsung Electronics, Yahoo! and Open Tide Consulting Co. as a user interface and interaction designer in Korea. Her recent projects range from physical computing to screen-based installations. Most recently, she presented her works at the Maker Faire 2007 in California and Texas, Sony Wonder Technology Lab in New York, and Seoul Art Center in Korea. Her TechDIY project was inspired by the perky curiosities of her adorable babygirl and everyday happenings. For more information, please visit: http://www.jisunlee.net

Robert Moon
Video Producer

We are currently looking for other crews who work with us. TechDIY is open project for everybody. Don't hesitate to contact us and bring your passion and idea!
Please, send email us what you want to do in TechDIY. sun.techdiy@gmail.com

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