Super IPod : How to hack MP3 player

COBY Mp3 player ($12.99 at J&R)
Thin wire ($3.99 at RadioShack)
Wire stripper
A small size of screwdriver
Soldering Iron

How to: 1. Prepare 12 thin wires, each 7 inches long, by pulling off the plastic covering from the end of the wires.

2. Unscrew all screws of the mp3 player and open the exterior plastic casing without breaking anything inside. Save the screws to use later.

3. This mp3 player has 5 buttons and one LED indicator. These 5 buttons have 6 functions (Play/Stop, Forward, Backward, Volume up, and Volume down). Look over where you will attach the wires to the five switches and indicator LED on the board. For the switch, you will attach two wires. The wires should be attached diagonally. For the indicator, you need to attach the wires on back of the board, because it is easier to find the lead of the LED.

4. Attach wires using a soldering iron. You need to be careful not to touch any other part of the board. Using a multi-meter, check to see if the switch works or not.

5. Make an index for the wire to prevent confusion later. Don’t forget to make a positive and negative connection of the LED. Twist the wires of each of switches and the indicator. Place the wires to one side of the board.

6. Attach the top case to the board using screws. Break the white plastic parts of the middle case in half. Attach the other side of the plastic part. You will place the wires on the opposite side. Cover the bottom part of the case.

7. Now you’re done hacking the mp3 player. For the test, you can touch the wires of each switch instead of pushing the button on the mp3 player.

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