Moonlit Flower : Materials

The kit materials
- two white felt sheets 3"x3"
- one gray felt sheet 3"x2"
- one sewing needle
- a pair of snaps
- regular thread
- conductive thread ($15 per spool)
(Conductive thread can convey current and regular thread won’t. )
- one ultra bright LED(white, 3mm) (5mm$1.95)
You can use any regular 5mm LED as well.
- one 3v coin battery(CR2032, $0.75)
- one coin battery holder(Lithium 2032 Battery Holder: 20mm Thru Hole Mount, $1.95);jsessionid=ac112b321f43b9bcf1b3a39b4aae977ae28941dc19a4.e3eSc38TaNqNe34Pa38Ta38Pa3r0?it=A&id=6124
*For connecting conductive thread to pins on the pattery holder, you might need to bend positive and negative pin or attach crimping bids on the pins using soldering iron.

You need to prepare by yourself.
- a pair of scissors
- a piece of chalk or a pencil
- a hot glue gun and glue sticks

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