Christmas Tree : Step-by-Step Instruction

The first thing we need to do is to cut trees and a pocket using templates. You can download the template pdf file in below URL or if you buy the kit it is included inside the kit.
Christmas Tree Template download
Fold a piece of paper in half and place the templates. Cut outside using scissors and cut inside using a blade.

We have the four papers and thirty two tissue papers(optional) that we cut. Connect the trees using tape. So, when you complete to connect, it will actually stand-alone. You can ask your children to tape them.

We will attach the LEDs on the tree. Here are 8 LEDs and we will wind wires on the LEDs' legs. Band the legs of the LED to the outside.

Lean! If you want to know about the LED more, check up LED information of the
first lesson

When you finished banding the legs of the LEDs, band the wires on the legs. The white wires will be attached to the positive leg and the yellows wires will be attached to the negative leg. There are two ends of wires which are stripped (one long and one short). Band the one stripped wire around the LED legs. The wire is very thin, so be careful not to cut a wire.

We will insert the LEDs in in middle of the tree. Make a little hole using a blade in middle of tree and push the wires through the hole and pull out the wires. Insert the wires in each section of tree and pull out the wire to one section of the tree.

In this side you can see all the wires come out. We need to divide wires positive and negative. You can divide white wires for positive group and yellow wires for negative group.

Learn! We are making "Parallel circuit" to connect many LEDs. For more information, check up Basic Knowledge.

Tie wires in the positive group and attach them to the right side using a glue gun and then, tie rest of the wires in the negative group and attach to the left side using the glue gun.

Now, We will make a pocket for inserting a coin battery. Place the coin battery over the negative wires and attach the pocket using a hot glue gun over battery. Make sure the pocket holds the battery tightly. When you close the tree, you must see the LEDs light up.

Attach a set of Velcro on the top and bottom of the pocket and on the other side of tree as well. We are almost done!

Insert the 3v coin battery into the pocket so that the plus-positive side of battery will touch the other side of wires though a hole of the pocket.

When you close the Velcro, see the lightings are now on!
* Attach the star on the top for decoration.

How to use
You can wire some messages inside of the tree and use this tree as a card. Put it in envelope and send it! It will be a beautiful present for your family and friends.
Check up Christmas Tree pictures.
Christmas Tree : Project Pictures

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